June 9th 2023
Wedding Day

We do.

4:00 pm

We drink.

5:00 pm

We dine.

6:00 pm

We dance.

8:00 pm

The Woodlands

at Cottonwood Canyon

141 Old Timber Way

Bozeman, MT


Weekend Events

For those who want to keep the fun rolling

Meet us for a drink!

Thursday, June 8th

Rocking R Bar

We'll be at Rocking R Bar in Downtown Bozeman between 7:30-8:30. Come swing by, we'd love to see you!

Float the River

Saturday, June 10th

The Madison River

Nothing says recovery like sipping drinks while floating down the river in a plastic tube! If you're interested in joining us for the post-wedding float trip, send us a text and we'll provide more details!